Sky TV

Sky TV

Sky TV is available in 98% of the UK. With more than 600 channels, it’s no wonder that Sky is the first choice for digital TV.

If you love sports, you'll love Sky. With the best selection of sports channels including the new F1 HD and Sky 3D you'll be able to enjoy watching sport on TV like never before.

For families there's a great selection of childrens channels, and by adding Sky Movies to your package you'll never be stuck watching the same childrens films over and over again.

Sky offers the best digital television experience anywhere on the planet including the very best dramas, documentaries, kids’ favourites and much more all at the touch of a button.

As well as the unbeatable choice it offers, the Sky service has become one of the UK’s most sought after products and gives you complete control over what you watch and when you watch it and hand in hand with Sky HD it has revolutionising the way people watch TV - delivering pictures of extraordinary quality that really do make you feel that you’re actually there.

As one of only 12 trusted installation parnters, we are the biggest Sky installer in UK. We can offer you unique deals that can make becoming a Sky customer surprisingly affordable all with the personal touch you’d expect from a company our size.