Going Digital?


Freeview allows you to recieve digital TV through your TV aerial rather than a dish.

Freeview now offers almost 80 digital TV and Radio channels and since its launch has become the way millions have made the switch.

A digital aerial upgrade may be needed to receive Freeview - as well as a set top box- and Topline Digital are able to provide professional installation of both the aerial and the Freeview box in UK, and we can even help you get up and running and show you how to use your new freeview box.

What about Freeview Plus and HD?

Once you have a digital aerial upgrading to Freeview Plus, Freeview HD, or Freeview HD Plus is as easy as changing the Freeview box. You can even upgrade Freeview to recieve extra channels.

What do I get with Freeview?

See the freeview website for more details or go straight to the Freeview channel guide for the latest list of channels.