Building Enablement

Give your tenants access to Sky

Building Enablement

Are your tenants asking for Sky TV? Is your building covered in unsightly mini-dishes?

The Sky Enablement Program is just what you need, and Topline Digital are highly experienced in installing the necessary equipment to do it.

If you are looking for a company who can carry out work under the Sky Enablement Program in UK, Topline Digital are ready to take your call.


As the building owner you'll benefit from removing the rash of dishes and having just one single satellite dish installed. That combined with the ability for your tenants to have Sky TV installed painlessly will increase the desireability and price of your properties.

In the last two years alone the Sky Enablement Program has removed over 5,000 mini-dishes from buildings and enabled more than 100,000 flats with dual-feed Sky TV - which means that tenants get access to the full range of services from Sky including Freesat from Sky.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the size of your building, but, thanks to a subsidy from Sky themselves, the cost is minimal.

Why Topline Digital?

Topline Digital Satellite are one of only twelve companies in the UK approved by Sky to carry out this work. We have a team of dedicated, professional surveyors, installation experts and a full customer service team ready to help.

All our installers work to the latest CAI regulations and procedures to ensure that every installation is fully earth bonded providing you, the management agent or resident manager with peace of mind that you are covered and your tenants are safe from potential accidents.

All our installations are audited by SKY